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Pictured are 10 of the 13 EPAC Members for 2023-24



for Grades 9-12

and announcing

EPAC Jr for Grades 6-8!


We are so proud of our 2023-24 EPAC members which included young actors, singers, dancers, songwriters and aspiring film and music producers. It was wonderful watching these artists grow throughout the year!

After an incredibly successful inaugural year, we are expanding the program by adding a section for Grades 6-8!

EPAC is a prestigious advanced theatre program, designed to nurture and enhance the talents of emerging young actors.

Our advanced theatre group is a unique opportunity for passionate performers, grades 6-8 and 9-12, to take their skills to the next level. Students receive individual artistic development plans, training and mentorship from top-notch industry professionals who bring a wealth of experience in the field. Admission is by audition and interview.

Here are some highlights of what our advanced theatre group has to offer:

Twice-a-Month “Labs”:  We know your child has a busy schedule, so we've designed our sessions to meet approximately twice a month (16 labs over the academic year). This means they’ll have plenty of time for school, homework, and other activities they love and are involved in. Labs will begin in September and go through May.
Industry Pros as Instructors and Mentors: Students will be mentored by instructors who have a proven track record in the industry and are committed to helping them reach their full potential.  Additionally, we will work with each student to design their own artistic development plan in line with their individual goals.

Tailored Curriculum: Our labs are designed to challenge and inspire beyond what your child is already involved in and push the boundaries of their skills. Each session will focus on different aspects of the performing arts such as acting, biz of the biz, headshots and resumes, post High School planning, auditioning, agents and managers, voice/music, dance, film and tv and so much more.

Community & Collaboration: Imagine being surrounded by young actors just as motivated and passionate as your young artist. They will join a group of enthusiastic young actors who share their dedication to the craft. They will make friends who inspire them and will collaborate on exciting projects. We understand that being with like-minded peers makes the journey even more thrilling and rewarding.

Limited Group Size: To ensure personalized attention and meaningful interactions, our group is kept small enabling strong connections with fellow actors and instructors.

Interested in applying to be a member of EPAC 2024-25?

APPLY TO EPAC (Grades 9-12)


Once your application is received, we will reach out to answer any questions you might have and discuss the audition/interview process.

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