BAC @ SUNY New Paltz
Summer Theater Workshop 2020
July 20 - 24, 2020
9am - 4pm
Grades 4-6, 7-8, and 9-12 as of Fall 2019


Who teaches the workshop?

  • Our instructors are experienced industry professionals, both local and from NYC, who have worked or are working on Broadway, in TV and Film. They are Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Directors, Casting Directors, Talent Agents or Managers. More importantly, they are seasoned teaching artists who strive to bring artistry to their teaching, foster a safe environment for creative risk-taking, and help students develop their essential theater skills.  Visit the Workshop’s Faculty Page to meet past years' instructors!


How do I register?

Registration and Payment is a 2 step process.

  • You must BOTH 1) Register online AND 2) Pay using the PayPal “Pay Now” Button for the corresponding with the desired week and group.

  • Use the Registration Page online. Registration is not accepted by phone, fax, mail, or e-mail. Payment via credit card or check is due with your registration to reserve your child’s spot. Deposits are not accepted to "hold" a spot.

  • *Student's grade level as of Fall 2020

  • IMPORTANT: Registration and Payment is reconciled according to your email address so PLEASE USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN YOU REGISTER AND PAY.

  • All correspondence regarding the event will be sent to this same email address. Thanks!

Are there any health forms to complete?

  • Yes. By June 1st you will receive a Health and Emergency Contact Form as well as additional disclosure forms which must be completed and returned by July 1st.

  • Proof of Measles Vaccination: Ulster County Commissioner of Health has made it mandatory that all summer program participants and staff provide written proof from a healthcare provider that they have received the MMR or proof of immunity or valid medical exemption. If you are are unable to meet this requirement, you will NOT be able to participate in the summer program.

How do I pay?

  • Payment is accepted with a credit card online by clicking the PayPal Button or by check. See the Registration Page.

  • IMPORTANT: Registration and Payment is reconciled according to your email address so PLEASE USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN YOU REGISTER AND PAY.

  • All correspondence regarding the event will be sent to this same email address. Thanks!


Is there any way to reserve a spot?

  • No. Classes fill quickly on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to popular demand, we’re unable to reserve spots for potential students. You must register for the class AND pay in full to ensure a spot for your child. If the class you are interested in is already full, you will be put on a waitlist for that class.


Do you offer sibling discounts?

  • Yes. We offer a 10% discount on each child's registration after the first's registration is paid in full. Register all children at the full price and contact us to have the discount refunded to your credit card. Please include your children’s names in your message.


Do you offer financial aid?

  • There are a limited number of scholarships. They are awarded on a first come, first served basis. The scholarships are need-based and are available to families who qualify for federal Free and Reduced Price School Meals benefits. A copy of the Free and Reduced Price School Meals Benefits notification letter from your school district must be submitted as proof of eligibility.

  • Students must provide a letter of recommendation supporting the students strong interest in the theatre arts.

  • Apply for a Scholarship  


What is your refund policy for the Summer Theatre Workshop?

  • Cancellations 30 days or more before the first day a program begins will receive a full refund less $100 non-refundable deposit/administrative fee. Cancellations from 10 days to 30 days prior to a program receive 50% credit towards other BAC classes and workshops (non-transferable and valid for one year), 50% balance forfeited. Cancellations less than 10 days prior to a program will receive no credit and no refund.


How long is the workshop day?

  • The Workshop runs daily Monday - Friday from 9am to 4pm


What does a typical day look like?

  • Each morning begins with a group circle and warm up.  Each day the student will participate in core activities such as voice/singing, acting and dance.  The student will also rotate to different "specials" throughout the day. Specials may include classes in stage make-up, set design, costume design, lighting, on-camera commercial acting, voice overs, audition technique, acting the song, the business of theatre and visits from casting agents, talent managers, or other special guest artists. Students are given 2 snack breaks and a lunch break. We end each day with another group circle to recap the day and discuss the following day’s events.


How many students are in each Workshop?

  • Program enrollment is capped to maximize student success, strengthen the sense of ensemble, and provide individualized attention from the teaching artists and assistants. Students are divided into age appropriate groups determined by the grade level each student will be entering in the upcoming school year.


Where are the Workshops held?


Does my child need to have experience?

  • No, if attending the Summer Theatre Workshop for Grades 4-6 or 7-8 your child does not need previous experience, just an interest in theater and creative expression. All levels are welcome.  Our teaching artists will ensure that all students have individual learning goals and challenges appropriate to their varied abilities.

  • If your child is attending the Summer Theatre Workshop for High Schoolers then a background in theatre with past participation in productions at school or elsewhere is helpful but not required. The high school group will work at a higher level and spend time focusing on audition technique including college audition prep.


Is there an attendance policy?

  • Yes. Theatre is the kind of activity where each student’s presence is essential to the success of the whole group. It is a team sport.  We do understand that family emergencies and illness can come up unexpectedly. In this case, an email or phone call must be made to alert the instructors that a student will be absent.  Due to the structure of our programming, we are unable to offer make-up classes or credit for any missed sessions.


Will there be a performance/show at the end of the week?

  • The week culminates in a "sharing" type performance.  A sharing is an opportunity for your kids to share with their families and friends all they have worked on during the week. Emphasis is placed on process throughout the week rather than “product.” Our final sharing is designed to be short in length, low-pressure, upbeat, and most of all, Fun!


Can parents sit in on classes to observe?

  • We maintain a closed class policy. This format best supports your child’s development of self-expression, creativity, self-confidence and independence. Closed class time allows participants to focus without interruption making the class environment conducive to an educational, and cooperative experience.


Does my child need to bring a lunch?

  • Students should bring a NON-REFRIGERATOR, NON HEAT UP, NUT-FREE, bagged lunch, 1-2 snacks and a full water bottle each day. Students may eat lunch outside if the weather permits so a towel can be brought to sit on the grass.


What else does my child need to bring?

  • In order to fully participate in the daily activities including dance/movement, students should dress in comfortable clothes and wear sneakers (no flip flops or sandals).

  • Also be sure to bring a pencil or pen as well as a small notebook.

  • High Schoolers should also bring a song and/or monologue.


Do you offer pre and post care?

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer pre and post care at this time. Please do not drop off your child before 8:45am and please pick up your child promptly at 4pm.

My child has a food allergy or needs medication during the day. How do you handle medical concerns?

  • We ask that each family who registers a child for the Workshop complete a Health and Emergency Contact Form, which includes medical information (such as food allergies/medication needs) and emergency contact information. The workshop is a NUT FREE FACILITY!!  Additionally, if a child has a food allergy or medical condition that requires special attention and medication, caregivers are asked to bring a ziplock bag with the child’s name printed clearly on it with needed medication inside (e.g., Epi-Pen, Benedryl, inhaler; clear instructions for administration of medicine; and a note detailing the type of allergy, severity of allergy, parent contact information and Doctor contact information.

For additional questions, contact